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Our  Story

The Hair and Skin Bar was founded by Iris, a mom who was determined to give her daughter's hair and skin the best care possible. She began looking for products for her daughter's hair and at that time, there were not many products that contained pure natural ingredients without synthetic fragrances. Due to this, Iris began researching various natural ingredients that were beneficial for the hair and skin. She began making her and her daughter's products and seeing positive results.

In addition to wanting to use the best possible ingredients for her and her daughter, Iris wanted to provide busy women with the chance to incorporate self-care in the comfort of their homes. Often times women reschedule self-care moments in order to take care of the needs of those around them when in fact there are simple ways that we can incorporate caring for our hair and skin. Our hope is that you will allow us to provide you with the information to do just that.



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